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Program does not require installation

Changer name web cameras - A unique program for the lifting of the ban on the network popular video chat alternative, ome tv, random, roulette, changing the id of the name of the webcam and the virtual web camera, hiding in a video chat program manycam, eliminating the cause of black screen, change the MAC address of the network card of the computer. Program for VIP users of video chat network.

Remove exclamation mark in chat alternative
Version: 7.4

Powered by OS: Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Browsers: Browser Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser

Functionality of program:

name changer web cameras

Program to remove ban in chat alternative

How the program works changer name web cameras?

How to unban in a video chat alternative free: unban in video chat is an alternative you can through program changer name web cameras. Many video chats generate a unique key based on computer data received from Internet browser, by generated key it prohibits access to chat. After changing name of Internet camera, key will change and video chat allows access to video chat. Program works completely automatically, for this we launch changer name web cameras program, click on button to change web camera ID, then program closes all open browsers (Yandex browser, Opera, Google Chrome, Mazilla.), Changes web camera ID, then starts default browser on your computer and enters video chat alternative. Program changes identifier of web camera unlimited number of times. In free demo version of program some functional is limited. → (Browser selection, Browser selection, ManyCam Detected)

Black screen in video chat

Black screen in chat alternative

Why can not my interlocutors see me in video chat?

First reason why you may not be seen in chat, and in place of your image is a black screen: check you may not have a high speed Internet connection, video will come to you with a delay of a few seconds and interlocutor sees instead of your image a black screen and quickly you switch, as well as if your interlocutor Internet connection speed is not high, then video will also arrive with a delay. Second reason why instead of your image interlocutors see a black screen: maybe you tried to bypass protection of chat by doing certain manipulations with computer that could bring to blocking your image. Correct computer settings for what you would see in chat you can with program changer name web cameras.

Hiding in program chat ManyCam

Hiding in program chat ManyCam

Users of chat are not allowed to use ManyCam

Users of video chat are not allowed to use ManyCam webcam. If you do not want to uninstall ManyCam from your computer, then using Web Camera Name Changer, you can hide program for video chat by clicking on ManyCam Detected button and in just 20 seconds program will hide ManyCam program on your computer. ManyCam Detected function works on version of ManyCam from version 3.0 and higher.

Saving Browser Settings

Saving Browser Settings

Menu buttons for browser selection for visiting chat

Click on browser selection button, then select browser where you want to visit video chat, click on the selected browser, then there will be a change of unique computer settings and cleaning of settings of selected browser, settings of all other browsers are saved, which makes the use of program very convenient.Manual

Change MAC address of network card

Learn and change your MAC address

Find and change your MAC address of network card:

1) In order to find out your Mac address of network card, run changer name web cameras program, then click change Mac button and a window with adapter selection will appear, each adapter has its own Mac address; 

2) If you need to change Mac address of network card, select desired adapter and enter a new Mac in line (12 characters). Example of entering a new Mac address (C8FF286C000D); 

3) After about 30 seconds, MAC address will be changed, and network adapter will automatically reboot. Do not change Mac address without need, and if you still decide to change Mac, then save your standard Mac, so it was possible to return it back.

Program installation is not required

Program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

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Remove ban chat alternative

If you were banned accidentally, You can remove ban free through program changer name web cameras

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